Mathew Knowles has been accused of damaging a cell phone to avoid turning over texts to his former lawyers. According to The Jasmine Brand, Knowles’ former attorneys’ law firm explained to the judge that he was ordered to turn over his cell phones so that an expert can attempt to recover text messages. Knowles initially told […]


Sandra Bland was arrested after a traffic stop by Waller County Police.  She was found days later dead in a cell and Police say she hung herself.  This is the same old excuse used over and over by police who murder someone in their custody.  The Family is not going for it, after all she […]


For the first time Apple is making its next iOS update available to the public for beta testing.  If you’re not familiar with beta testing, it’s when a software is distributed to a limited number of users before its official release.  Usually this is reserved for app developers and the software is not in its […]

Okay, some of you long time tech users will think: Who doesn’t know the difference?  The answer is far too many, but some are too embarrassed to ask.  I keep running into people who always keep the bluetooth setting on and don’t know if they should turn it off.  That’s why I’m passing this along to you.  It’s a […]

Their motto is: Finding Cures, Saving Children – Take a moment to learn more about our friends at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It Matters. And then call us this Thursday for our RADIOTHON and give your support. Click here to READ MORE.

Ladies, there may be real danger in keeping your phone in your bra for convenience. See what have to say about your health and the things you store in your bra. Click here to READ MORE.


The 53-year-old Ohio man, Ariel Castro, who held three women captive for nearly a decade in his home was found dead in his jail cell last night (September 3rd) and is believed to have committed suicide.  Get the full story by clicking here.

Police are looking for a group of smash-and-grab thieves who drove a car into a T-Mobile store early this morning it happened around 4 a.m.…