Basketball Hall of Famer and sports anchor Charles Barkley is planning on selling a lot of his NBA memorabilia, not because he needs the extra cash, but in order to build affordable housing in his hometown. The Leeds, Alabama native told WJOX that he wants to make a difference in his community and give back in […]

Charles Barkley may be a basketball icon and popular sports commentator, but his views on race have led many in the Black community to cast him a side-eye. But TNT thought his controversial views would make for compelling TV and signed him up for a six-part TV series on race called The Race Card, airing […]

The retired NBA star will be hosting 'The Race Card' when it airs next year.

So, Dwight Howard filled in for Shaquille O Neil last night on Inside the NBA on TNT. He was asked by Charles Barkley, why don’t people like him? I think he handled it well.  Check out Dwight’s response in the video above.


Maybe he felt guilty for saying a whole lot of crazy about black people. Or, maybe his co-stars from those hilarious “Road To The Final Four”…

Last week Dwyane Wade went buck defending his wife against disrespectful fans, now it’s Gabrielle Union’s turn to have her hubby’s back. Last night, former NBA…


I’m sure you’ve heard of the comments that Charles Barkley made about the situation in Ferguson.  He also said that slavery was “not that bad.”  Well, that didn’t sit well with Alabama Senatro Hank Sanders. He penned an open letter to Chuck letting him that slavery wasn’t that bad, but in fact, it was very, […]

Charles Barkley is about as qualified to speak on race as LeBron James is to be Sophia Vergara’s stunt double; as ready as singer K. Michelle…

Charles Barkely, NBA Hall Of Famer, is putting out some tough love for what he describes as ‘unintelligent’ African-Americans who embrace thug culture and criticize others for not being ‘black enough.’ Barkley, NBA great and TV analyst with TNT, made comments in response to question regarding a report that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson isn’t […]

11/20/13- Comedian Chris Paul gives us his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics including Charles Barkley’s comments on Michael Jackson’s beer-pong playing, NeNe Leakes…


For IPAD/IPOD users: Comedian Aries Spears gets advice on his long divorce from Denzel Washington, Paul Mooney, Jay Z, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley.