Colin Powell

The retired four-star general and former secretary of state passed due to COVID-19 complications, his family said.

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Hillary Clinton for president. He raises questions about Donald Trump's fitness for the presidency.

Plus, leaked emails revealed that Colin Powell cannot stand Donald Trump and a New Jersey mother sues college for daughter's suicide as a result of being raped on campus.

In this week's edition of the Congressional Black Caucus Message to America, Representative Yvette Clarke pays homage to the contributions of America's foreign-born sons and daughters with a primary focus on those who have parentage from the Caribbean.

Colin Powell, appearing on CBS' This Morning, criticized the vulgarity and childishness of the Republican presidential candidates. He hopes the national mourning for Nancy Reagan will usher in a period of civility.

Former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice told jurors Thursday she was stunned to be informed that a classified mission to thwart Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions, now at the heart of a criminal leak trial. Condoleezza Rice testified for the prosecution in U.S. District Court at the trial of ex CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling,47, of O’Fallon, […]

  Colin Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show…

Surprisingly, selfies are not as new as we though they were.  Even though mobile phones weren’t invented 60 years ago, Colin Powell still captured his handsome young self with a camera.  He took to Facebook to show off his photo for #ThrowbackThursday.  Even though he probably wasn’t actually the first one to take a selfie, […]

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell vehemently denies he had an affair with a Romanian diplomat, after hacker Guccifer threatened to release personal emails between…

In a ‘No Spin’ interview with General Colin Powell, Bill O’Reilly insinuated  that Powell engaged in identity politics by voting for President Barack Obama. O’…