Camille Cosby accompanied her husband Bill Cosby in court for the first time during the trial. Meanwhile, Cosby declined to testify in his criminal indecent assault trial and his defense rested after calling just one repeat witness for further questioning. In a sworn statement without the jury present, Cosby stated that he did not plan […]

A White supremacist has been convicted of plotting to build and use a radiation device to kill President Barack Obama and Muslims.

I am a convicted felon living on a fixed income, and due to a disability I  can’t keep a good job. And, it’s because of my disability not because of my  conviction. My new girlfriend is a doctor. She doesn’t care about my finances and I  believe in standing on my own two feet. So, […]

via: HOUSTON – No more “getting away with murder” in the Lone Star State: that’s the message from the Texas Legislature. The state Senate passed a bill on Wednesday – one previously approved by the House – that would take probation off the table for defendants convicted of first degree murder. The result: automatic […]

A 20-year-old man in Sacramento was sentenced to over 149 years in prison for raping two women at gun point, although the crime is shocking, what the man had to say to the victims left the courtroom in disbelief. A 20-year-old man who terrorized the Natomas area for months has been sentenced to 149 years […]