Customers of more than 1,000 Wendy’s franchise-owned restaurants may have had their credit or debit card data stolen by cyber-thieves, the company said yesterday.  It’s much worse than the company had thought.  They also said this has been going on as long ago as last fall. Customers can check the Wendy’s site to see if a restaurant […]

In a case that could bear on the current controversial dispute between Apple and the federal government over helping to get into the locked cell phone belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists, a federal judge ruled yesterday (February 29th) in a drug case that the Justice Department can’t force Apple to provide access […]


Office-supply retailer Staples confirmed a data breach that may have affected 1.16 million customer credit cards.  Click here for More on Data Breach.

In July,, an online newsite focused on data mining and analytics software, ran an unusual listing in its jobs section. “We are looking for Predictive Modeling/Data Mining Scientists and Analysts, at both the senior and junior level, to join our department through November 2012 at our Chicago Headquarters,” read the ad. “We are a […]

If you’re a longtime AT&T iPhone user whose unlimited data plan was grandfathered in when AT&T stopped offering unlimited plans last year, a brand new twist on your plan might seem like a pretty significant limitation after all. On Friday AT&T announced that, starting October 1, it will begin throttling data delivery speeds to the […]

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Hackers broke into the electronic files of one of the world’s foremost climate research centers this week and posted an array of e-mails in which prominent scientists engaged in a blunt discussion of global warming research and disparaged climate-change skeptics. The skeptics have seized upon e-mails stolen from the Climatic Research Unit of the University […]