In a special addition of “Farrakhan Speaks,” during which he is asked a wide-range of questions from the staff of the Final Call, Minister Louis…

The cast of ‘Django Unchained’ sat down with FOX Houston’s, Jake Hamilton. Watch the exchange between Jake and Samuel L. Jackson here.


Professor Micael Eric Dyson was blasted in an open letter by flimmaker Glenn R. Towery for defending the movie ‘Django Unchained’. Get Dr. Dyson’s take on the film and read the open letter here.

Spike Lee has something to say about ‘Django Unchained’.  Find out what here.

Kerry Washington hit the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and talked about playing a slave in ‘Django Unchained’.  Watch the interview here.

Tune into TV ONE this weekend for the ‘Django Unchained’ Special featuring Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino, Kerry Washington and Reggie Hudlin.  Read more here.  

Radio One founder Cathy Hughes recently interviewed “Django Unchained” stars Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and director Quentin Tarantino about their Golden Globe-nominated and highly-anticipated film. See “Django…