Don’t let this happen to you.  At first it didn’t sound like too dangerous of a thing, especially since these are in almost every home.  We mean 9 volt batteries and how easily they can cause a fire.  You have to see the Video to understand.  Click here for to see how 9 Volt Batteries Can […]

According to Nielsen Music, R&B and Hip Hop album sales were down in 2014. Over all album sales in 2014 were down 11.2%. Hip Hop album sales were down 25% and R&B album sales were down 24%. However, hip-hop and R&B have seen their popularity on streaming sites and stream counts were up 54% last […]

D-Nice tells his story from the great Boogie Down Productions crew and how rejection of a musical beat led him to stardom. Then leaving the Music industry and later touring the world opening for Stevie Wonder and DJing for The President. Check out his story from Click here for MORE.

Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins is feeling the pain of her son’s struggles.  She went on Twitter and said, “I LOVE U MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE. JUST KNOW THAT NO MATTER WHAT WE ALL LOVE YOU. KEEP BELIEVING N U. NO ONE KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN U. I HEAR THE LAUGHTER THE JUDGING AND […]


According to Target Market News, there was a 6% drop in black viewers from last year’s Grammy broadcast. There were 28 million viewers overall and 4.4 million in black viewers.


The Republicans want to take the country hostage and see it fail all because of Obamacare?!  According to Pulse of Radio, The federal government is on track for a shutdown at midnight tonight after the Republican-led House passed federal funding legislation early Sunday morning (September 29th) that includes a one-year delay in implementation of key […]

According to Pulse of Radio: Reports say that Diddy was in talks to be the third judge on season 13 on American Idol, but turned it down because of his ex Jennifer Lopez. According to US Weekly, a source said that after Jennifer officially signed on to come back to the show, Diddy turned it down because he didn’t want […]

Will Smith was first thought of to play the lead role in the hit Quentin Tarantino film ‘D’jango Unchained’, but turned it down.  Read what he had to say about it here.  

  Jon B is back with a new single entitled “Settle Down Type”.  If you went to see him on NYE here in Houston, you already know what it sounds like.  But for you that don’t, check this out and let us know what you think.

With Hurricane Isaac making it’s way to New Orleans, La., — threatening to hit the city within hours of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina —…

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced last Wednesday that it would use its emergency powers to ban synthetic marijuana for one year.