… and it was honestly kind of annoying. I’ve never really sat and watched Nancy Grace for long periods of time, but I feel like…

Much of what has been accepted as conventional wisdom when it comes to the effects illegal drugs have on humans may be wrong and the…

Of course, they had to “go there.”  They talked about Mary J’s own addiction to cocaine and her recovery process  which she has discussed openly in the past.  However, she was quick to assure the panel, “I’ve never done crack, just so we’re clear.”  O-o-o-o, o.k.  Read More:

Mary J. Blige’s  admission of being the victim of childhood molestation on her “Behind The Music” has triggered discussion of the connection between molestation and addiction. She survived. Many victims never come out of the downward spiral of addiction. Amy Winehouse’s Death Makes Us Think About Helping The Addicts In Our Lives Victims of rape […]

Like the previous robbers who had held up Mike Donohue’s store, the man demanded OxyContin, a popular painkiller known for its high abuse potential.  Read More:

If the kids become too much to handle, slip ’em a little cold medicine. It’s an often-repeated joke — or advice — that parents share on the playground or on Twitter and Facebook pages. One mom, Jill Smokler, said she doesn’t vilify parents who medicate their kids: “It’s not the end of the world.” “It’s […]

Schools across the state will add random drug testing and increased locker inspections to this year’s schedule, raising questions about whether such practices violate civil rights. At least three school districts in the Houston area and dozens more across Texas will begin random drug testing, spurred in part by a recent Supreme Court ruling upholding […]

Tiger Woods‘ return to rehab may not be sex-related after all—according to a new report, the golfer has checked in at The Meadows in Arizona to battle drug dependency, namely to sleeping aides Ambien and Vicodin.

Chaka Khan Tried To Stop Whitney’s Drug Abuse!!! By Alyssa Manners   Via: The fabulous R&B singer Chaka Khan sat down with Britain’s OK! Magazine for a recent interview, and claims Whitney’s drug addiction tore the icons apart. Chaka said she attempted to help Whitney fight her drug abuse, but was shot down breaking […]