According to Fox5Atlanta, a water leak has delayed the counting of Absentee Ballots in Fulton County, GA.

What is causing so much more stress this election season and how do we fix it? “YOUR VOICE YOUR POWER YOUR VOTE” is a nonpartisan campaign launched by Sony Music Group to encourage voter participation across America with a focus on young people and under represented groups. In a democracy, everyone’s voice should be heard. Our government represents those who vote. Let’s work together to get all of America’s voices […]

The delegate count makes it official that it will be Joe Biden who the Democratic Party nominates for President in August.


Voters are looking forward to casting ballots in favor of or against the candidates of their choice. However, they won't be able to participate if they haven't registered to vote. Here's how.


Oprah's comments are a soft pivot from her usual response to the question.