Scottie Pippen is off the hook for beating up a guy back in June.  According to TMZ: Scottie Pippen will not be prosecuted for beating up a guy outside of Nobu back in June. The L. A. County D. A. determined that there was not enough evidence to prove that Pippen was in the wrong. As […]

Check out our very own, Kelly Rowland, singing the national anthem for the Mayweather/Guerrero fight.  She did a great job!  Watch it below.

Via Another Teacher and student fight in the classroom.    So sad…     Click here  to watch video…

 Kevin Garnett and Carmello Anthony get into a shouting match on & off the court when the Knicks played the Celtics on Monday night.  Reports say it was all over Melo’s wife La La. According to, Garnett told Melo that La La “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios” during the game.  Watch the how it started and ended […]

Well they say music calms the savage beast click and see what it did for these two ladies

During a makeshift car show over the weekend, a man was stabbed and later died from his injuries. Now authorities are searching for the suspect…

Last week, it was reported that Eddie Griffin got into an altercation with a female audience member. The female in the audience was displeased with some of Eddie Griffin’s jokes and threw her drink at him in disgust. In response, Griffin can be seen on video throwing water at her and then tossing the water […]

You know your comedy act isn’t going well when someone in the audience throws a drink at you. That’s what happened to Eddie Griffin. But he threw one back at the woman then got really aggressive with her. The exchange was caught on camera.


via: Police broke up a fight among priests and monks with broomsticks at the annual cleaning of the Church of the Nativity. See More


Two 73-year old former CFL players, Joe Kapp (former B.C. Lions’ and Minnesota Vikings quarterback, actor, Cal head coach and B.C. GM) and Angelo Mosca (former Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ defensive tackle and professional wrestler) got into a fight. They exchanged cane blows, punches, bull rush moves and more at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver […] <p style=”font-size:small”>View more videos at: <a href=””></a&gt;.</p> Chicago continues to make headline news in some of the most disheartening stories.  Me, personally, I would rather give you positive images of the culture to uplift and encourage a positive aura in order for us to conquer and move from being an endangered race.  Sadly, in this […]

Georgetown Hoyas were on an international basketball tour in China and they got into a brawl with the team they were playing. This video was just released and we got the exclusive!!