Muhammad Ali was a conscientious objector to the Viet Nam war. He once famously said, “I ain’t got nothing against no Viet Cong; no Viet…

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Kim Davis, the Kentucky woman who had been refusing marriage licenses to gay couples despite the law is now locked up.


Potential new bill could allow employers to punish women for having children out of wedlock.

Confronting the stigma that millennial artists are less inclined to marry their craft with social issues, the 2015 BET Awards stood out as not only…

Also, three international terrorist attacks killed over 40 people this morning and a Kansas judge blocked a procedural ban on second-trimester abortions.

Also, South Carolina lawmakers vote to debate the Confederate flag on capitol grounds and a fire at a black church in North Carolina is deemed as arson.

With 34 areas reporting from 43 voting blocks, Ireland has become the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. This is despite the strong…

The United States Supreme Court can no longer decide whether or not states can allow gay marriage. Reuters reports that the high court rejected appeals on Monday from…

(HOUSTON) — A Houston couple is getting the wedding of their dreams thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union. They are among five gay and…

Supporters of gay marriage from coast to coast were handed a dual victory Wednesday morning as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality. The high court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, while ruling it has no jurisdiction in California’s Prop 8, thus opening gay marriage in that state once again. See […]


Roland Martin talks with journalist Yoruba Richen about her documentary “The New Black” which explores gay marriage in the black community and the black church.


A black lawmaker in Nevada comes out as that state wrestles with repealing its gay marriage ban. Kelvin Atkinson became the fifth openly gay member of the Nevada legislature after acknowledging he was gay. The senator addressed his colleagues Monday, stepping into the murky waters of race, sexuality and civil rights during the hour-long debate, […]