Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer, pleaded guilty this Wednesday to federal charges that he violated George Floyd’s civil rights. Suprisingly, Chauvin also admitted guilt to a separate instance in case where he used similar tactic on a 14 year old in  September 2017. He also in that case, initially pleaded not guilty. Chauvin, […]

While Sen. Tim Scott has gotten the bulk of the blame for police reform failing, Bridgett Floyd, George Floyd's sister, said she doesn't "feel that Biden is stepping up as the President and doing the right thing."

Prosecutors recommended Chauvin receive a 30-year sentence, which would be the maximum sentence levied against a former Minneapolis police officer after he was found guilty of George Floyd's death on April 20.


Darnella Frazier was 17 years old when she recorded Derek Chauvin and other officers restraining Floyd on the ground. The cell phone footage helped change the narrative surrounding Floyd's death and sparked a wave of protests around the world.

  Columbus Ohio was one of the many cities around the country that broke out into protest after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Thousands of citizens exercised their rights to protest, some peaceful some not, and many were face to face with Columbus Police Officers in stand-off situations that lead to arrest and […]


Philonise Floyd discusses George Floyd's character, the plans for their foundation, and more about the case of Derek Chauvin.

Recently retired sergeant of 27 years from the Minneapolis Police Department, David Pleoger, took the witness stand after being called by the prosecution in Derek Chauvin’s trial on charges of second and third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.  David Pleoger then testified on day four of the trial that he believes the officers who restrained George Floyd […]

Minnesota prosecutors are seeking justice for George Floyd, who died after Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin handcuffed him and kneeled on his next for about nine minutes. The murder trial begins March 8.

Civil rights and social justice leaders convened virtually to demand Congress pass the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act to hold law enforcement accountable for deadly and excessive force that far too often involve Black lives.

Lil Baby's kids, as well as those of Future, former NBA star Stephen Jackson and Rayshard Brooks, were in attendance at the LOL Surprise Dolls-themed party for Gianna Floyd

Derek Chauvin was released from a maximum security facility after posting a $1 million bond