By George

Good Morning America anchor and caner surivior, Robin Roberts, publicly admits that she’s gay.  In an open letter to her fans on her Facebook page, Roberts said, At this moment I am at peace and filled with joy and gratitude. I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for my restored good health,” she wrote. […]


Thomas Whitfield –  A GMA Hall of Famer – With My Whole Heart

Mariah Carey’s breast almost popped out when she was on GMA Friday and she slipped up and cursed live on the air.  Check it out below.  The “oh sh!t” slip at the :09 mark.  

Beyonce made an appearance on Good Morning America on Monday (May 6th).  She talked about her Cuba trip and being protective of Blue Ivy.   You can watch the interview here.

  Via: NYDailyNew.Com She is our History Maker for this day we celebrate her return and great contributions to the History and Fabric of our country. There will alos be a 2020 Special on her this Friday you can find more about her right here.

The mother of “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts has died, ABC News reported early Friday. Roberts made it home to Mississippi to see her…

Robin Roberts will be taking more time off from “Good Morning America” than expected, she told viewers on Tuesday. She announced that she will be…

VIA EURWEB: In her first televised interview after the death of Gary Coleman, his ex-wife Shannon Price spoke to ABC’s “Good Morning America” about the circumstances leading up to his fatal brain hemorrhage at their home in Sataquin, Utah. “I asked him if he could make me some food and he went downstairs and I […]

Here is the Usher Good Morning America video of his live performance on Tues., March 30, 2010. The multi-Grammy Award winning R&B singer-songwriter performed There Goes My Baby in support of his 6th studio album, Raymond vs. Raymond, released today. Watch Now USHER