So, what’s the reward for this great safety record? a $200,000 salary increase for Transocean president and chief executive officer Steven L. Newman.  CNN.com has the full story.  Read More:

Nearly five months after the explosion that unleashed the worst oil spill in U.S. history, the ruptured well at the heart of the disaster has been permanently cemented shut, federal officials announced Sunday. “Additional regulatory steps will be undertaken, but we can now state, definitively, that the Macondo well poses no continuing threat to the […]

VIA CNN: A well connected to an oil and gas production platform caught on fire in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, engulfing the vessel in flames about 100 miles off the central coast of Louisiana and forcing 13 people overboard, Gov. Bobby Jindal said. All 13 people have been accounted for, said Petty Officer Bill […]

BP has accepted some of the blame for the deadly rig disaster that led to the worst oil spill in United States history, according to a new report. An internal investigation reveals that the oil giant’s own engineers misread data that contributed to the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon, a source familiar with BP’s probe […]

When Spike Lee speaks people listen. The folks doing the listening are the journalists tasking part in the Television Critics Association confab being held in LA. He’s outraged and says the U.S. government report that 75 percent of the spilled Gulf Coast oil is gone is a ‘lie.” Saturday, Lee told journalists that they should […]

The vessel that engineers are using to drill a relief well was back on site near BP’s ruptured deepwater well on Sunday. However, officials said storms could continue to thwart containment and cleanup efforts. “We’re going to be playing a cat-and-mouse game for the remainder of the hurricane season,” retired U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad […]

The BP oil leak could be completely contained as early as Monday if a new, tighter cap can be fitted over the blown-out well, the government official in charge of the crisis said Friday in some of the most encouraging news to come out of the Gulf in the 2 1/2 months since the disaster […]

Officials have confirmed that tar balls discovered over the holiday weekend on Crystal Beach in the Bolivar Peninsula are from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, marking the first time oil from the spill has been found on Texas beaches. About 10-12 tar balls washed up on Crystal Beach on Saturday. On Sunday, 5 gallons of […]

BP PLC chief executive Tony Hayward said Sunday he won’t step down over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and predicted his company will recover from the disaster. Hayward told BBC television’s “Andrew Marr Show” that he would not quit, and he had the “absolute intention of seeing this through to the end.” “We are […]

BP early Wednesday used robot submarines and a complex maneuver in an attempt to stop the massive flow of crude oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. The company tried to cut into the undersea well’s riser pipe, the initial steps toward placing a cap over the well that has spewed hundreds of thousands of […]

(CNN) — Three attempts to pump mud and 16 tries to stuff solid material intoa breached Gulf of Mexico oil well failed to stop the flow, top BP executives said Saturday, and engineers and executives with the oil giant have decided to “move on to the next option.” That option: Place a custom-built cap to […]

From MSNBC: VENICE, La. – President Barack Obama toured the staging area for response efforts to the Gulf Coast oil spill on Sunday, afterwards saying “we’re dealing with a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster.” Mindful of the political damage suffered by President George W. Bush for a slow response after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the […]