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You would think that by now people, especially those in the media, would understand that off-the-cuff comments about other races, nationalities, regions, etc. can easily be taken as offensive. That is the very hard lesson that one meteorologist had to learn yesterday when she attempted to report of the impending Hurricane Matthew, but somehow managed […]

Instagram struggles with yet another debate on the ethics of free speech on its social media platform.

Wyclef Jean has treated three young Haitian amputees to $1,000 shopping sprees after flying them to America to receive critical medical care. The musician was devastated when his native Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake in January 2010 and he has been a leading force in the relief efforts via his charity Yele Haiti […]

(CNN) — Six Haitian orphans, at the airport and on their way to new lives in the United States, had their destination changed at the last moment. Now they are at an orphanage, under the custody of the Haitian government, while the details of their departure are sorted out. Sarah Thacker, a Minnesota woman who […]

Temblor hits as U.S. announces plan to send additional ships to area

Food & water needed as untold number of Haiti quake victims trapped; death toll still unknown. International aid begins to arrive.

National Palace tumbles; 3 million people affected..

3 million people are affected, Red Cross says; thousands of buildings razed.. Haitians walk past damaged buildings in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday after an earthquake rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation.