Check out Oprah’s inspiring speech to the 2013 class at Harvard. Click Here To READ MORE.

Via Huffington post I thaught this was a great story, young people you can do anything if you try. With graduation on the horizon, David Boone knows better things are coming his way. In the fall, the 18-year-old will head to Massachusetts to attend Harvard University. But for Boone, life hasn’t always been easy. The […]

Brittany Smith was a week away from graduating from the most prestigious academic institution in the world two years ago. Today she faces accessory to…

The latest figures from Harvard University show a record proportion of minority students admitted for the upcoming fall semester, with 11.8% of the school’s new students being African-American and another 12.1% Latino. Harvard points to its outreach programs that send admissions officers across the country to pursue high-achieving students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. […]