Imagine your deepest, darkest secret being laid bare in the public square. Imagine how you would feel if something that you have been struggling with…


So listen, you guys know sometimes how things can be right in your face and you don’t know about it, right?  I was trying to…


It’s been 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led his march on Washington to deliver one of the most famous speeches of all time: The “I Have A Dream” Speech. HIS DREAM was that one day, we would live in a world that was racially integrated and filled with love; NoH8 (No Hate). […]

I think they might have to go back to the mother land to explain how the body moves, but lets see what they have to say.. Read More

He was one Mr. 106 and Park because he dominated BET’s music video show as a teenage rap star. Now in a genius BET casting…

I can truly say I am a child of hip hop from the first time I heard Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to having my very first drum machine thanks Houston forward Times for reminding us. Read more 

Atlanta-based rapper V.I.C. isn’t much of a talker, but boy, can he wobble. The  originator of the smash hit, “Wobble” he’s releasing a second album “Revenge of the Beast” sometime this year. Though the Wobble wasn’t a big hit record hewn it was first released in 2008, when a line dance was created for it […]

The first lady, Michelle Obama, continues to promote healthy living and stop childhood obesity.  She is partnering with Hip-Hop Public Health and Partnership for a Healthier America to release “Songs for a Healthier America”, which be in stores and online September 30th.  The hip hop album has 10 music videos and 19 tracks to support her […]

Ok Kim you need to stop it!! I cant lie back in the day I use to love me some Lil Kim but now not so much!! First of all Kim just embrace your age look at people like Angela Basset who get’s better looking as she get’s older and all she does is eat […]

The Hip-Hop Preacher Eric Thomas is doing things a little bit differently; he’s Thanking God for Mondays (T.G.I.M). Today, he’s taking a couple of minutes to help us define what Amazing looks like. I can tell you one thing that IS amazing…ET’s ability to put our world in a perspective that some of us may […]


Another case of profiling, this time M.C. Hammer pulled from car and arrested. Click here to READ MORE.