42 states have now signed on to the deal that would provide up to $25 billion to “qualified” homeowners who are “underwater” or whose homes have been foreclosed on, since the beginning of the mortgage meltdown. has the story. Read More:

Finance is reporting that Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan is one of the participants in the foreclosure settlement talks.  The talks are expected to produce a mortgage settlement soon.  However, some banks want immunity from criminal prosecution as part of the deal.   Read More:


NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — President Obama will announce changes in the government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) on Monday, making it easier for homeowners to capitalize on current low-interest rates by refinancing their old, high-interest mortgages. More than 890,000 Americans have already utilized the HARP program to reduce monthly mortgage payments but many more have […]


Texans paid an average $1,460 a year for the most common homeowner policy sold nationwide, the association reported this week, based on data from 2008. Under legislation passed in 2003, companies can charge rates as soon as they file them with the state Insurance Department. The insurance industry argues the new system allows insurers to […]

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday the state cannot take private property for a public beach when a storm moves the vegetation line landward — a decision that may lead to restricted access along the coast.  Read More: