A Bronx woman who stabbed her "childhood friend" repeatedly before cutting the pregnant woman's baby from her womb told police she acted in self defense. Police found that her account of the tragic murder was, in fact, a lie.


Parents take note, Elev8.com is reporting that Johnson & Johnson is recalling 200,000 bottles of Morin Infant Drops. Click here to READ MORE.

A man is in police custody after confessing to killing his son. According to reports, Joseph Mouton 57, reportedly killed his six-month-old son and put…

A baby was found dead in a hot car. According to published reports, the baby died in the hot car in Sugarland Thursday afternoon. Authorities…

Over the weekend, a six month old child was shot while being held in her mother’s arms. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family. The intersection of Diamond and North Randolph Streets was crowded Saturday night with people listening to music and enjoying the warm breeze. Cecilia Colon and her neighbors were sitting on […]

(CNN) — A single mother who chose taking care of her infant over deploying to Afghanistan has been discharged, the Army said in a statement. When her unit deployed to Afghanistan in November, Alexis Hutchinson was missing from the plane. Her lawyer said she refused to go because there was no one to take care […]