Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the DOJ will not prosecute Hillary Clinton. The Republicans are furious.

Tony Stark is backing away from his Iron Man armor and a 15-year-old Black girl will be suiting up in his place. Meet Riri Williams. She’s about the slay your local comic shop. Can you say new cosplay inspiration? Marvel announced today that named Riri will be taking over as Iron Man this Fall […]

Ava DuVernay has become a superhero as a director after the success of her film ‘Selma,’ that being said Marvel is coming after her to direct one of their upcoming films and to help them glow in the diversity department. According to sources Marvel wants her to ‘direct one of its diverse superhero movies which […]

Terrence Howard, the Oscar-nominated actor apparently is having financial problems with his ex-wife Michelle Howard. Howard has been ordered to pay Michelle spousal support, but Terrence claims he only makes $5,878 a month, according to sources. He owes her $325,000 in spousal support. By, Ariel Cherie Click for more:/terrence-howard-too-broke-to-pay-spousal-support/