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Rogers explained the sale was "extremely important" and allowed the storied publications "to continue to grow," as well as make them "viable moving forward in the future."


Chicago-based Johnson Publishing has decided to sell Ebony and Jet Magazines to the Clear View Group in Austin, Texas.

Via: Televangelist, Creflo Dollar has his eye on a luxurious $65 million private jet. He named it the  Project G650, and asked 200,000 of his followers to donate $300 each so he can buy it. He needs an new plane since his old one has been grounded so his “pastors and staff can continue to safely and swiftly […]

  Last week Johnson Publishing Company, the Chicago based entity that has printed Ebony and JET magazines for the last sixty plus years made a big announcement: JET was going digital.  The printed pocket-sized weekly digest for Black America is no longer; the brand has phased into offering daily online content instead, available at But the big […]