On the TJMS this morning Kevin Frazier reported that Gladys Knight took up for Mary J. Blige and the Burger King commercial and told us to embrace the common stereotypes that is aimed at ‘us’….Kevin also reports about this cat that pop star and realty tv show  host Cee-Lo continues to carry around (we’re sure you […]

Media wise you would only hear a hardcore rapper say that quote but a report by Kevin Frazier will tell you why former tv host Montel Williams made it a point to say that….Also, in Kevin’s report he fills you in on why pop singer Lionel Richie has been going country all of a sudden […]


Kevin Frazier has the inside sources you can trust so check out his gossip about the Oscars, the inside scoop on Whitney Houston being in love with Ray J and a bunch more. (Listen to the audio player below!)

*There is a major change underway with the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Kevin Frazier, award winning journalist of CBS’ “The Insider,” will be taking on a task on the show, updating listeners about the latest celebrity news, events and share exclusive content, as well as answering some questions. http://www.eurweb.com/?p=121638