The waist-training manufacturer that has become a staple of the Instagram accounts of the Kardashian sisters is being sued for failing to deliver its promises.

The Kardashians, like America, have built their empire on the backs of Black people. It's time for them to wake up.

Khloe Kardashian had Diddy over for drinks...and this is what she decided to wear.

Keeping up with a perfect life is hard! Who lies about cooking Thanksgiving dinner though? Was Patti LaBelle unavailable to personally bake the Kardashian's pies?

Khloe Kardashian doesn't have intentions on getting back with Lamar Odom, so stop asking.

Lamar Odom is having a tough time on his road to recovery after suffering an overdose last month, and doctors are concerned about his progress. The NBA player is having difficulty with mobility and communication. A source told that Lamar’s only able to speak a few words every now and then. There’s also word […]

Since his transfer to a Los Angeles facility from a Nevada hospital, his family released a statement claiming the former NBA player was able to walk on his own for a short time.

Odom, along with several nurses and estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, traveled from Nevada's Sunrise Hospital to the ICU at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. Odom is not able to walk on his own, but was able to give hand signals and say a few greetings to Kardashian over the weekend.