It’s being reported that three armed men came looking for former NBA player Lorenzen Wright shortly before he was found dead last week. Gail Mathes, the attorney for Wright’s ex-wife Sherra, said that she remained silent about the confrontation out of fear for the lives of herself and her children.

From has obtained court documents detailing a transaction between Lorenzen Wright and an admitted associate of accused Memphis drug kingpin Craig Petties. The documents show in 2008, Wright sold two luxury cars, a Cadillac SUV and Mercedes Benz to a man named Bobby Cole. At the time Cole was indicted on drug distribution […]

From MEMPHIS, TN – Memphis police are investigating the body of a man who was found in Southeast Memphis and a source tells Eyewitness News that is Lorenzen Wright. According to sources, the body was found in the wooded area of Hacks Cross and Winchester Road. It appears, sources say he had been shot […]

Before he went missing a week ago, former Atlanta Hawks power forward Lorenzen Wright split his time between Atlanta and Memphis. He attended a couple Hawks playoff games this spring, supporting his friend Josh Smith. In January, Wright ran into Hawks vice president of public relations Arthur Triche at a restaurant, where they watched the […]