Plus, Trump signs executive order banning Syrian and Muslim refugees from entering the U.S. and Georgia police chief apologizes for Black teen's lynching 76 years ago.


Like many cities outside of the Deep South, Duluth, Minnesota was a haven for Blacks looking for better opportunities. However, three Black men who were making their way in Duluth were lynched in 1920 after they were falsely accused of sexually assaulting a white woman and robbing her boyfriend. Issac McGhie, Elmer Jackson, and Elias […]

A group of U.N. experts issued a report urging the U.S. to give some form of reparations to African-Americans. The legacy of unresolved racial inequality continues to harm the nation's Black community.

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Yesterday, a jury found Richards (aka Jasmine Abdullah) guilty of attempting to unlawfully remove a suspect from police custody during that protest. The technical term for the charge she was convicted of is "lynching."


State and federal law enforcement agents are investigating the hanging death of a 43-year-old Black man whose body was found Monday morning outside a home…


Michael Donald was a 19-year-old Black man in Mobile, Ala. who was the victim of a brutal hate crime in 1981. Donald’s death is largely…