Mike Tyson recalls what happen on a double date he went on with Madonna and actor Sean Penn and reveals his feature he did on her album.  Check out the video below! Click Here For More Info


Monday night, fans sat through the MTV Video Music Awards awaiting a possible tribute to the Queen of Soul. What they got was not at all what they were anticipating. Instead of a beautiful montage or a medley of songs performed by other soulful singers, MTV enlisted pop icon Madonna to say a few words before presenting the […]


The Beyhive is mad at Madonna. The 59-year-old entertainer hit up social media with an altered image taken from Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s new music video for “Apesh%$.” The original still frame showed the power couple admiring a wall of paintings inside the Louvre; however, Madonna’s Photoshopped image replaced the museum’s actual framed artwork with her most recognizable album covers. Though it wasn’t […]

The actor and new boxer tweeted "Am I sleeping with Madonna? No motherf---s... "Don't believe the Hype." Welp!


We've gathered the top five musicians riddled with Illuminati rumors. Some have used tongue-in-cheek references to contest involvement with the world-order, while others have flat-out denied any connection.


NBA star Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors claimed a major victory on Monday evening that secured their spot in the 2016 NBA Finals. Curry, who garnered the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award twice, led his team with 36 points, eight assists, and five rebounds to a 93-86 win. “Steph is gonna Steph,” Warriors center […]

It was a night for comebacks, fashion, and Prince, at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. In case you missed the show, here are a few highlights! Britney Begins The Party Britney Spears, the third person ever to win the Billboard millenium Award, kicked off the evening’s festivities with an epic performance. She reminded everyone how […]

On the heels of her recent appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," we put together this list of Mariah Carey's shadiest moments.

Is Wendy wrong for her harsh and less than tactful criticisms of others? Or is she just doing her job?

I don’t know what got into Deion Sanders mind, but he recently dressed up like Madonna and performed “Like A Virgin”. Check it out below it is hilarious.