Blue Ivy Carter has "never seen a ceiling in her whole life," and it shows!

Matthew A. Cherry called his shot on Twitter eight years ago when he said he would be nominated for an Oscar one day. On Sunday night (Feb. 9), Cherry’s manifestation came true as he and Karen Rupert Toliver’s animated short film “Hair Love” won for Best Animated Short Film. In his brief time at […]

Deandre Arnold‘s fight against a school district that won’t let him walk for his graduation unless he cut his dreadlocks has gained numerous fans across many spectrums, including Hollywood. Earlier this week, Arnold was gifted a $20,000 scholarship from Ellen DeGeneres and Alicia Keys for him to use for his college studies. Now one of his first […]

When the visuals for Matthew A. Cherry’s Hair Love came across our computer screen, we rejoiced at imagery that showed a Black father and daughter in such a positive light. It was the representation we rarely see, even if it is a cartoon. MUST READ: Animated Short Film ‘Hair Love’ Celebrates Black Father & Daughter Relationships […]