The #BlackLivesMatter Movement gains momentum as NewsOne Now host Roland Martin implores  viewers to get involved.  Click here for more with Roland Martin[VIDEO].


In the midst of his pain Michael Brown Sr. calls for calm as the decision of the Grand Jury looms.  Click here for Video.

Check out NewsOnes coverage of events in Ferguson. The latest is a Police Officer involved shooting with the Officer being shot. Click here for More.

If you missed it, listen in on the informative ‘NewsOne Now’ Panel discussion about Pres. Obama’s comments on Ferguson. They Cover a lot of ground in a short time. Click here for More.

After 30 years, Kandi Eastman reunited with one of her hometown heroes: The King of Stage (Bobby Brown). She spoke with him about  his upcoming Heads of State Memorial Weekend Music Festival performance (May 26, 2013 @ Reliant Center), his favorite Whitney Houston song, and which places he loves to visit when he’s back home […]

According to, Michael Jordan and Nike are being blamed for a rash outbreak of violence over a new pair of shoes.  The accussation is being made by Jemele Hill of  Read More.