From CNN, Senate Republican leaders suffered a setback yesterday (June 27th) in the effort to pass their health care legislation that would repeal large parts of the Affordable Care Act, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying the vote would be delayed. McConnell had wanted to hold the vote by the end of this week, before […]


Mary Elizabeth Taylor has gotten a place of national prominence after being seated behind SCOTUS hopeful and Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch during his televised confirmation hearings with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

GOP Senators voted to "rebuke" the Massachusetts Senator, prompting her to take to Twitter and read an opposition letter from Coretta Scott King aloud on Facebook Live.

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How will the balance of power be affected after Donald Trump's election?

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the longest two years of your life. A period that will surely feature an already broken Congress proving itself to be even…

Congressman Al Green will jin us tomorrow on Sunday Morning Live to discuss progress on the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.  He’ll explain what it means to you in dollars and cents. has the story about the meeting of Congressional leaders this week-end.  Read more:  

Later this afternoon, President Barack Obama will meet with Democratic congressional leaders Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) along with their Republican…