The question on everyone’s mind is… are they Beyonce’s nails or not? Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s face served as decor to a slender pair of hands.…


Dark nail polish are all the rage now that fall is here. But while deep colors are fun, they can also be unforgiving, so you need to take a little extra care. Allure gives a few tips on making you navy blues and rich burgundies look flawless. Shape Up. Keep your nails short and square, […]

Muted greens—with pale, creamy undertones—have been named the neutral nail polish of the season. The shade has been revamped with unexpected hues that are perfect for a spring mani or pedi. MAC Nail Lacquer in Mischievous Mint, $14, available at MAC. _ Essie Nail Polish in Da Bush, $8, available in May at Essie. _ […]

As much as we love glitter nail polish, removing the grainy texture can be a pain. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann gave Refinery29 tips on how to safely get glitter off your nails without wasting hours of your day or hurting yourself. Step 1: Saturate cotton with acetone or polish remover (a remover with acetone works […]

There’s a shade of each color that will flatter every skin tone. Once you figure out how to choose what works for you, the more options (and fewer regrets) you’ll have. Josephine Allen, a manicurist at New York City’s Samuel Shriqui Salon, shows us how. Study your skin tone. Regardless of whether you choose a […]

If you’re tired of going to your ’round the way spot for a manicure and you have $130,000 to blow, this golden nail polish from Model’s Own will definitely get attention as your nails will glitter like diamonds.  This nail polish features a hand-crafted gold lid inlaid with 1,118 diamonds. This couture Models Own Gold […]

The latest collection from OPI is inspired by the grand state of Texas and it’s vast land, so expect colors like green and brown, as well as some Southwestern-style hues, like coral, silver, and turquoise. The line also boast a new finish called “Sorbet Style,” so while the colors are rich, the polish goes on […]