Lonnie Johnson, an inventor who has worked for NASA and created the Supersoaker has started working in Atlanta to find alternative sources of energy and has created a lithium based battery that will work in cars as well as a new engine. RELATED STORIES Award-Winning Black Engineer May Have Solution To Gulf Oil Spill VIDEO: […]

VIA CNN: If you’re looking for alien life in the solar system, it might be best to start small. That was the message from NASA on Wednesday as researchers listed eight possible missions that would look for alien life by closely examining microorganisms and minerals. “Astrobiology and the search for life is central to many […]

Via Near the launch pads where U.S. space voyages begin, President Barack Obama will try to reassure workers that America’s space adventures sail on despite the coming end of space shuttle flights. [Today] Obama will also try to explain why he aborted his predecessor’s return-to-the moon plan in favor of a complicated system of […]

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik ventured out on his first spacewalk on Saturday, just hours before his daughter was born 220 miles below. Waking up early this morning aboard the International Space Station to the song “Butterfly Kisses,” mission specialist Bresnik was informed that his wife Rebecca had given birth to daughter Abigail Mae Bresnik at […]

Orthopedic surgeon Robert Satcher put his considerable skills to work in space, repairing a robotic arm on NASA’s International Space Station. Colleague Randolph Bresnik told Satcher his work was “the highest recorded orthopedic surgery — ever.” And there was another first. Satcher is the first orthopedic surgeon in space. A much honored scholar and researcher, […]