Spotify streams of Janet Jackson’s 1986 hit song “Nasty” soared 250 percent after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman” during the last minutes of their third and final presidential debate on Wednesday night (October 20th). The Internet also took notice in other ways, including by making “nasty” one of Merriam-Webster’s most searched-for […]

  According to TMZ, Bobby Kristina Brown, Whitney & Bobby’s daughter, was allegedly evicted from her apartment and left her neighbor a nasty letter.  To see what it says click here.

1) Hemorrhoid cream for reducing under-eye circles. Hemorrhoid creams soothe and shrink delicate rectal tissues by constricting blood vessels. Put a little under your eyes, and some dermatologists say it’ll work the same way, de-puffing eye bags and getting rid of dark circles around the thin skin of your under-eye area. That said, this is a […]