Here are my five favorite ways to extend my blowout for a few extra days, because no one wants to spend all that money for 24 hours!


Learning the natural hair do’s and don’ts are important to know when caring for your hair especially when you are first making the transition from relaxer to natural. It is possible that you can severely damage your hair without proper knowledge of how to care for your hair which makes learning what to do and […]


The hardest part about starting a natural hair journey? The amount of money you spend being a guinea pig to all sorts of hair products. Some women will do the “big chop” and start over from the beginning growing out their hair. Others, such as myself, will allow the relaxer to grow out gradually with […]


First Lady Michelle Obama elicits some strong reactions on social media when she rocks her natural hair.


Our favorite FLOTUS is #TeamNatural.


Jaylon Sewell is a good kid. Just 16 years old, he’s an active leader in his local church, a good student, and manager for the football team at Neville High School in Monroe, Louisiana. Suddenly, he’s found himself in a deeply unfamiliar place after deciding to live a little and dye the top of his […]

Halle Berry debuted a natural hairstyle at the 2017 Oscars. We're showing you styles the beauty should try!

Tionna Norris said that her 3-year-old child's teacher claimed that the students were bullying her because of her "stinky" hair—a claim that the school confirmed was not true.

Plus, 9-year-old Conn. girl banned from soccer game because of her hairstyle and Trump reportedly called deaf "Apprentice" star Marlee Matlin "retarded."

  Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Malyia McNaughton, the model whose natural hair segment on the Today Show went viral for all the wrong reasons. “I didn’t have a monitor to look at so I didn’t know anything went wrong. I just knew that it didn’t feel right. I didn’t know until I took a picture […]

Imagine you get a call from the Today Show producers to model in their beauty segment live on television.   That’s exactly what happened for Malyia McNaughton last week. She met with YouTube celebrity Deepica Mutyala to prepare for their summer hairstyles that could be mastered in 60 seconds segment. The two mapped out a plan about which style […]