Houston joins the global community in paying well-deserved respect to the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela in Remembering Mandela: A Life Celebrated! A Life Emulated! Remembering Mandela will be a city-wide event purposed to attract thousands of Houstonians of all ages. The inspirational program will feature a diverse 300-voice choir as well as a […]

12/11/13- Reverend Al Sharpton encourages people to learn the act of forgiveness from Nelson Mandela‘s life.

12/11/13- Roland Martin talks with Randall Robinson, founder of TransAfrica, about Nelson Mandela’s legacy.


12/10/13- Tom and the crew open the show talking about the Dallas Cowboys loss and Nelson Mandela’s memorial.


Via newsone: Nothing in the world is impossible and Mandela made sure he reminded us of that.   Click here   for our top 10 powerful quotes from Nelson Mandela.

12/09/13- Roland Martin talks with Caroline Hunter, a former chemist who worked for the Polaroid Corporation back in the 1970s, who played a huge part…


1990 UN Meeting of Special Committee Against Apartheid

WOW a great Man who answered the call of God on his life.


Radio One Founder and Chairperson Cathy Hughes  issues a on statement in recognition of the passing of Nelson Mandela. Click Here to read the full statement.  

Nelson Mandela lived a life that could fill many books and even more films. He has been portrayed several times on screen by prominent actors…