It’s been recently reported that Occupy Wall Street is going on the road.  The movement is literally growing legs and will take a two-week walk to Washington.  The march will consist of a small group of activist that will leave Zuccotti Park, in Manhattan, today at noon and the plan is to arrive in Washington […]

A couple weeks ago legendary feminist and black power activist Angela Davis spoke at Occupy Wall Street and recently lent her voice to the Occupy Oakland movement when she appeared at one of the rallies. Davis addressed a crowd of several hundred people in her home city of Oakland, Calif. that had gathered at an […]

Our sister site recently took to the streets of downtown Manhattan to explore and profile the Black female faces of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Continue Story at

The Occupy Wall St. movement moved from Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan to Harlem on Friday, as more than 100 people, mostly Black and Latino, gathered  for the first meeting of what is now being dubbed “Occupy Harlem.” The face of the movement has remained largely white as protests have spread to different cities across the […]

Rep. Allen West said that Martin Luther King Jr. would not have supported the movement in a interview Tuesday with conservative media outlet Newsmax,. Rep. West rejected President Obama’s and Bernice King’s comparisons of the Occupy Wall Street movement to Martin Luther King Jr’s vision. Story Written by Read More