From 1911 to 1929, when blacks were moving from the racist south to the north, the Five Points neighborhood in Denver, Colorado was born.

Born Malcolm Little in 1925, the man the world later know as Malcolm X or even El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, helped spur the growth of Islam and Black nationalism in America in the 1960s thanks largely to his supreme oratorial gifts. The former spokesman for the Nation of Islam, largely considered one of the nation’s most […]


Jourdan Anderson was a slave who was freed under the Emancipation Proclamation. Under gunfire, he and his wife, Amanda McGregor, escaped Colonel P.H. Anderson’s home in Tennessee and started a family in Ohio.

The African American Library at the Gregory School is the newest of three special collections operated by the Houston Public Library. Located in Houston’s historic Freedman’s Town, the Library is housed in what was once the Edgar M. Gregory School, which served as the first public school for African Americans in Houston. As the first […]


In preparation for this Sunday’s Super Bowl, take a look at the two-hour-long documentary, “Third and Long,” which details the desegregation of professional football.


According to, The Underground Freedom Railroad Center, in Cincinnati, is facing financial hardship due to large cutbacks in their budget and funding from local and state institutions. The center’s focus is on telling the stories of abolitionists from the Underground Railroad, but they have recently expanded to included contemporary slavery and human-trafficking. Read More

Black History Month is the time in which we celebrate  historical African American people, events and culture.  Here is a list of local community events celebrating our rich black history during the month of February. Houston Community College: Annual Black History Gala Hilton-Americas Hotel 1600 Lamar 713.739.8000 Each year, HCC and its generous sponsors throw the […]


Good news for Kadir Nelson, author of “Heart and Soul.”  According to, The American Library Association announced Monday that the book won the Coretta Scott King Book Award in the author category.  It is also an honor winner in the illustrator category. Last week, it was announced the book is a nominee for an NAACP Image […]

Black History Month is the time in which we celebrate historical African American people, events and culture. Here is a list of local community events celebrating our rich black history during the month of February. University of Houston: Whispers from the Colored Section Cullen Performance Hall 4800 Calhoun 713.743.1000 Urban Souls Dance Company will perform […]


Despite the rough nature of his sport, Muhammad Ali was one of the smoothest persons ever to walk the Earth. His poetic verse and well-considered metaphors came out a time during the 1960s when boxers were better known for punching than speaking. But Muhammad Ali did speak, and spoke intelligently – in a loud, boisterous […]


The fight for civil rights could go down as one of the most thoroughly archived periods in American history, because participants kept memorabilia that would later tell their stories.  Read More:

As our battle to name The Greatest Black Sitcom of All-Time rages on, Bobby Brown explains why Sanford & Son should still be in the competition. Take a Look:””;Kyte.Embed.altpath=””;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:420,height:685,p:”6982″,tbid:”17″}); Related: 25 Reasons We Love “A Different World” Top 5 Black Sitcoms That Aren’t “The Cosby Show” Top 9 Black Sitcom Theme Songs