(CNN) — Six Haitian orphans, at the airport and on their way to new lives in the United States, had their destination changed at the last moment. Now they are at an orphanage, under the custody of the Haitian government, while the details of their departure are sorted out. Sarah Thacker, a Minnesota woman who […]

Latest official death toll stands at 112,250 with 194,000 people injured. $1.12 billion in international aid pledges made; $783 million received as of Tuesday.

One of two piers at the port serving the Haitian capital has reopened, and a gravel road was laid off of it, clearing a major route for aid to come into the city, officials said.

I don’t think we will ever know what the death toll is from this earthquake’

Temblor hits as U.S. announces plan to send additional ships to area

3 million people are affected, Red Cross says; thousands of buildings razed.. Haitians walk past damaged buildings in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday after an earthquake rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation.