The 49ers quarterback donated his sneaker collection to orphanages and homeless shelters in the San Francisco Bay area.

The women's march, reportedly the largest protest surrounding Trump’s inauguration, is slated to take place on January 21, a day after he is sworn into office.

During her final one-on-one interview as First Lady, Michelle Obama got candid about the state of the nation following the election.


According to ABC News, President-elect Donald Trump yesterday (December 11th) dismissed a recent CIA conclusion reached with “high confidence” that Russian hacking carried out during the presidential election was intended to influence it to help his campaign, calling it “ridiculous” during a Fox New Sunday interview. He charged, “I think the Democrats are putting it […]

During a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday, Trump thanked African Americans for “coming through for him big league” during the November election.

Rashaan Salaam, a star football player at the University of Colorado and former Chicago Bears running back, won the Heisman Trophy in 1994.

The Army Corps issued a letter demanding that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vacate the land so that they can move forward with building the controversial oil pipeline.

Trump has decided to pay a $25 million settlement in the lawsuits related to Trump University.

Donald Trump wins the White House. He comes to power riding high on a wave of White anger.

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss how America would look if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

President Obama says concern about a Trump presidency drives the first lady to campaign hard. Fundamental human decency is at stake in this election.

A local North Carolina GOP office was firebombed and destroyed on Sunday.