Hours after Hillary Clinton declared her bid for the presidency, Senator Marco Rubio announced he would be throwing his name in the hat for the…


Sources report that Ted Cruz will announce his run for President this Monday, March 23, 2015.  Click the link for details on his coming announcement and a great video clip that covers the last 30 years of Presidential candidacy announcements.  Some you may have forgotten.  Click here for more.


Among her words a GOP communications director Elizabeth Lauten wrote in her Facebook post “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar…”  Click here for More.

News One Exclusives

Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” says no matter who won in the 2014 midterm elections don’t sit on your behind get involved, get engaged…


(HOUSTON, TX)– When the polls open in the morning for early voting in the state’s primary election, did you know you don’t have to be…

She is a Republican herself but there is no escape from the madness of her own Political Party. Click here to READ MORE.

Congressman Al Green will jin us tomorrow on Sunday Morning Live to discuss progress on the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.  He’ll explain what it means to you in dollars and cents.    CNN.com has the story about the meeting of Congressional leaders this week-end.  Read more:  

The chairmen of the Harris County Republican Party Jared Woodfill and Harris County Democratic Party Lane Lewis joined News 92 FM’s Dennis Spellman Wednesday morning…

Underdog Ted Cruz wins in “landslide.”   The Texas Republican, tea party favorite won his party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison.  CNN.com has the complete story.  Read More:

Local News

News 92 FM’s Steve Ottesen is at the J.W. Marriott in the Galleria where people are drifting in for what is expected to be the…


News92FM.Com reported that Thursday in Houston, former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara formally endorsed Mitt Romney in the race for President of the United States. Former President Bush, Mrs. Bush and the Republican primary frontrunner appeared together at the former President’s office in west Houston. Read More


“Halftime in America.”  Some say it was a political ad supporting President Obama.  Others say it was a public service announcement encouraging Americans to remain optimistic as the economy recovers.  But Clint Eastwood, veteran actor and libertarian who votes republican said he’s not politically affiliated with The President.  HuffingtonPost.com has all of the views on […]