Kenya is still petty and even goes as far as to bring up rumors about Kim's husband being gay.

"RHOA" star Peter Thomas may be charged with assault after Brandon Patrick Link claimed they fought at Thomas' bar, SportsOne.

Not everyone is thrilled when NeNe and Gregg make their surprise return on the Jamaica trip.

Cynthia tries to get Kenya and Kim to play nice for the sake of co-directing her commercial, but they're not into working together.

The mother-daughter modeling duo slay for Heart & Soul Magazine.

Phaedra, Sheree, Porsha and Kim head to the Million Man March while Cynthia and NeNe work on their friendship.

Mama Joyce steps in and tries to get Phaedra and Kandi to really work on being friends again.

"I still love my husband, and I’ll always love him" said Phaedra Parks in a new interview where she admits to backpedalling on her plans to divorce Apollo Nida.

Trainer Matt Jordan has taken to Instagram to all but confirm he and RHOA star Kenya Moore are dating.

Todd feels some type of way because he claims Phaedra still owes him money.

Kenya stirred up more drama, but this time she may have actually been right.