A Pryor biopic was set to be made in 2016 starring Mike Epps, Oprah and Eddie Murphy but never made it off the ground.


Richard Pryor is, without doubt, one of the most influential stand-up comics of all time and was an inspiration to Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Mike Epps and others. Pryor would have been 76 today after his life was cut tragically short in 2005. Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor was born in Peoria, Ill. and raised […]


"When I said {All Lives Matter} I didn’t know about the movement going on between {Black Lives Matter}. I want to apologize for my mistake!," the tweet read.


It’s been over two weeks since Beyoncé released her surprise visual album Lemonade, and now, tennis star Serena Williams is sharing how she got involved in the project. “I have known the director since I was like nine years old. I know Beyoncé pretty well, so they were like, ‘We would love for you to be […]

Mike Epps' wife Mechelle revealed that she thought her loyalty could save her marriage but her husband's fame may have gone to his head.

Biopics are obviously in demand after the success of Straight Outta Compton. One that’s been in the making for a while is Richard Pryor‘s story. The Weinstein Company…

We were thrilled to find out that Mike Epps will play Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic, and Epps couldn’t be more excited himself. The actor-comedian says that he is…

Stephanie Mills, known for songs like, ‘Comfort Of A Man,’ Home,’ Respect The Power Of Love,’ will ease on down the road to NBC’s upcoming musical of ‘The Wiz,’ which is an African American musical adaptation of ‘The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz.’ Even though she played Dorothy in the original Broadway production of ‘The Wiz,’ […]

After years of trying to honor comedian/actor Richard Pryor with a statue in Peoria is coming to focus and prompting some residents of his hometown to re-visit the comic and his legacy. Sculptor Preston Jackson will unveil the 9 foot statue Sunday the city’s Warehouse District at the corner of Washington and State Streets. Jackson […]

Eddie Murphy is scheduled to join the cast of Richard Pryor’s upcoming biopic according to Entertainment Tonight and Variety. Eddie who was once consider to play Richard Pryor some year ago other movies about the famous comedian.  Murphy, who like Pryor has enjoyed his own success as both a actor and standup comic,  is slated […]

Wow it’s been more than 30 years after late comedians/actors Richard Pryor and John Candy starred in the comedy remake of ‘Brewster’s Million, Robert Townsend, ‘The Five Heartbeats co-writer and director, has been commissioned for an update. The 1902 novel was reformatted into a play in 1906, and been adapted for the big screen ten […]

Via Eurweb.com Mike Epps, Richard Pryor Jr. and more discuss how Richard Pyror impacted the culture of comedy in ‘Richard Pryor: Omit The Logic” documentary. Click Here For More Info