Writer Marsha B. reflects on her 12-year journey and how celebs can empower others to love their tresses exactly how it grows out of one's head.

Sanaa Lathan has given us 23 years of great, feel-good movies. Completely ironic because the actress doesn't look a day past 30. Yet here she is, celebrating 48 years of life.

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Though most people who watch Love and Basketball see it as the role that made Sanaa Lathan a star, looking back at it now, 19 years after the film’s release, the 47-year-old actress said shooting the project was a “miserable” experience. “Gina [Prince-Bythewood] really wanted, and the producers, they really wanted a basketball player who could act […]

When Sanaa Lathan signed on to do Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, the beloved actress planned on wearing a prosthetic cap to capture the memorable scene where she shaves her head. However, Sanaa decided to conquer her crown and undergo the transformation just like her character. The scene was captured in one take, but she underwent […]

Sanaa Lathan lets it all go. We’ve seen Lathan rock her short hair for a good minute now and here we get the reason why – her brand new movie “Nappily Ever After.” Based on the best-selling novel by Trisha R. Thomas’, the film centers around Lathan’s seemingly perfect life until it all goes wrong and […]


Sanaa Lathan did NOT take a bite off of Beyonce. The 46-year-old actress recently hopped on Twitter noting that she is not the mystery actress who allegedly bit the mega star.Sanaa tweeted the message after Beyonce fans left bee emoji’s within the comment section of her Instagram.As previously reported, during a recent interview, Tiffany Haddish claimed that a Hollywood actress […]

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It appears as though more of your favorite celebrities are standing in allegiance with Alicia Keys and also proclaiming to free themselves of the things that women are told make them attractive. The latest convert to abandon makeup is none other than Sanaa Lathan and she is also pledging to go without something else as […]

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By the looks of things, it’s shaping up to be a very exciting TV season this fall, and actress Sanaa Lathan is right in the middle of it. The full trailer for her new FOX series Shots Fired has arrived and it looks riveting to say the least.