Black-ish star Jenifer Lewis has posted a song on IG about the latest school shooting. She’s always singing at her piano, most of the time with R&B singer Brandy and actress Roz, belting out humorous tunes on the ‘Gram’, but this time somberly penned a new song. Amen.  

Special education teacher Karen Smith, 53, was killed when Smith’s estranged husband Cedric Anderson, 53, entered her classroom and opened fire killing 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez.

Investigators are looking for clues that point to a motive in Monday's tragic shooting.

The suspect's father was found dead in his home, which was two miles away from the elementary school.

A survey found that students brought more than 185 guns to school so far for this academic year. The group that conducted the survey laments that there's no federal gun safety law in place.

According to USA Today, Two people are dead and two children critically wounded after gunfire erupted Monday at a Nevada middle school, Sparks police said. Click here for the full story.


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