The case of Hocutt v. Wilson occurred this month in 1933 in North Carolina and is reportedly the first attempt to integrate a higher learning institution. While the matter was unsuccessful, it laid the  groundwork for the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision some two decades later. Thomas Hocutt, then a 24-year-old student at […]


The case of Sipuel v. The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma laid the early groundwork for other “separate but equal” cases such as the landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Ada Louis Sipuel’s racial discrimination case against the school was decided on this day in 1948, making it possible for her […]


The Birmingham Bus Boycotts in Alabama took place on this day in 1956, led by the efforts of late minister and civil rights figure Dr. Fred Shuttlesworth. The boycott lasted until 1958 and while it wasn’t as effective as other such protests across the Deep South, the movement laid plenty of necessary groundwork and bolstered the […]

Reports of a 'Blacks Only' dorm at Cal State L.A. are false. The school sets the record straight.

St. Louis Schools plan to draw down its long-running school desegregation program. Observers say the program achieved integration, but mixed academic results.


On this day in 1956, FAMU students Wilhelmina Jakes and Carrie Patterson sat on a city bus in Tallahassee, Florida. and began what would become a seven-month boycott of the transit system. Through the efforts of a local church leader and civic groups, protesters were able to get Black drivers hired and integrate the bus […]

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The GAO's report says America's public schools continue to be segregated by race and poverty, leading to inequities in education.

Jim Crow is back. The notion of a post-racial society after President Barack Obama was elected as the nation’s first black president has just been blown up: America’s public schools are re-segregating at an alarming rate. Decades of racial progress in public schools is now being erased, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report […]

Residents in Henrico County, Va., debated at a school board meeting whether to rename a middle school that honors a segregationist. This is the latest flashpoint in a growing national campaign to remove the names of racist historical figures from public buildings.

A study of 100 American cities, facilitated by Measure of America (an initiative of the Social Science Research Council), found that segregation is still affecting…

Having seen the documentary, Prom Night In Mississippi, about a high school that gets integrated in 2008 because of Morgan Freeman’s influence and insistence, I…


  There was no pomp and circumstance, no procession with classmates, but on Friday a school district in Illinois finally handed Alva Early his high…