The Army Corps issued a letter demanding that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vacate the land so that they can move forward with building the controversial oil pipeline.

Mazibuko said the scholarship was created to reduce the rate of pregnancies and keep the teens away from older men.

Jesus, take the wheel. H&M South Africa issued an apology this week for Tweeting a comment that implied white models portray a more “positive image” for the brand. The brand was coming off of their launch in the country when customers voiced concerns over the lack of diversity in their campaigns. Namely, that there were […]

I’m Safe & sound. Here’s how it all happnd. http://t.co/GjUaByZV6w via @youtube — vuyo mvoko (@vuyo_mvoko) March 10, 2015 South African journalist Vuyo Mvoko was robbed…

Recently I (@AyanaMack) took a trip to South Africa where I met some of the most beautiful people and feasted on some of the most delicious food the continent had to offer. While there, I exchanged numbers with some of the locals and told them if they ever came to America I would love to […]

There is a new Mosque that has just opened in South Africa where Homosexual followers are encouraged to pray. The headline caught me off guard as well, but turns out this is a real story and the Mosque is not just open to Gay Men, it is also opened to Lesbian and Christian followers. According […]

Judge Thokozile Masipa, the judge in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius aka (Blade Runner), said Friday that she will give a verdict on Sept. 11, bring to the end the televised trail that stretched for five months and watched globally. Judge Masipa made the announcement after the prosecution and the defense ended final arguments […]


Apartheid ended in 1994 but Cape Town, South Africa is still segregated. Many beaches in the ‘Mother City’ remain predominately white and it’s the only…

Winnie gets nothing from Nelson Mandela’s 4.1 Million Last Will and Testament. Click here for the story.


Houston joins the global community in paying well-deserved respect to the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela in Remembering Mandela: A Life Celebrated! A Life Emulated! Remembering Mandela will be a city-wide event purposed to attract thousands of Houstonians of all ages. The inspirational program will feature a diverse 300-voice choir as well as a […]


12/09/13- Roland Martin talks with Caroline Hunter, a former chemist who worked for the Polaroid Corporation back in the 1970s, who played a huge part…