Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham may be the ultimate couple that has stood the test of time. Together for more than three decades, the pair have never married – even though Stedman did get down on one knee and proposed early in the 1990s. The reason why? Well, we’ll let Oprah tell it. “For years, there were hundreds of tabloid […]

Contrary to what the blogs are saying, Oprah Winfrey is not planning a “dream wedding” with her long-time partner Stedman Graham. She denied the report in a Twitter post after being besieged by calls from friends wondering where their wedding invitations were. Oprah and Stedman have been going steady since 1986.

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Oprah Winfrey is the kind of person that you feel like you can bare your soul to and share your secrets, dreams, hopes and fears with, luckily she is also just as open with her millions of fans around the world. One of her biggest and most personal struggles is her weight loss journey, which […]


Texas Women Empowerment Foundation T.W.E.F. hosted a powerful leadership luncheon featuring striates from successful businessman and author Stedman Graham aka Oprah’s Man.  The topics of discussion was a “Woman’s Worth” & knowing your idenity.  He gave advice on organizing and advancing life goals. Check out the interview below! [ooyala code=”FmMW1yNTopA6wPntp8yxHUoTK4QXtn0A”]

Through 26 years of rumors, speculations and tabloid scandals Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham’s non-traditional relationship has stood the test of time. Winfrey and Graham, CEO and founder of S. Graham & Associates, began dating in 1986 after ending her then relationship with Reginald Chevalier. In spite of the gossip and rumors of separation, Oprah […]

Stedman Graham you have been called out! There is an open letter pleading with Stedman to as  Beyonce would say “Put a Ring on it.” The whole world is enthralled with today’s wedding of  Prince William and Kate. There is one more wedding that would ripple from America that the whole world would pay reverential […]

She’s more than just a great talk show host or someone who recommends what books you should read. Oprah Winfrey is an unappreciated prophet, according to her long-time boyfriend Stedman Graham! PHOTOS: Oprah Through The Years In remarks that are sure to stir controversy, Stedman said that Orpah is unappreciated in Chicago. “I don’t think […]