Stephanie Mills

Look at God!!  The original Dorthy from The Wiz, singer Stephanie Mills, clicked her heels while in concert the other night and gave her fans a little look at Home, her home and the wondrous things that are going on there. Grammy Award Winning singer and single mother Stephanie Mills had the whole crowd shouting […]

The iconic singer kept it 100 about the appropriation of Black culture on TV One’s 'Sister Circle."

Fresh off the heels of NBC’s The Wiz Live, Stephanie Mills talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about last night’s production and her new single with…

BeBe and CeCe Winans, the brother and sister duo known for some of the greatest inspirational songs. Part of the well known musical families. From the out side looking in you would think the two are the closest out of the siblings, but in a recent interview BeBe tells otherwise. Listen to the interview and […] – Old school soul music fans, you will never get the chance to see Stephanie Mills on an episode of ‘Unsung’. The Grammy Award winning singer out right refuses to be apart of TV One’s hit show because she wants her life to remain private. Another reason Mills doesn’t want to be apart of […]