A study finds that the stress of dealing with racism contributes to the academic achievement gap. Part of the solution is reinforcing positive racial identity.

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement is breaking down stereotypes with these touching images of our men with their children.

Whoever said, "There is no such thing as a stupid question" obviously wasn't a Black woman.

One Colorado school took it upon itself to tell young women of color how they should be acting. A school providing a code of conduct…

Will, a friend of mine just got a major job offer, which will bump up his salary by several thousand dollars each month. For someone still in their late twenties, that is a very big accomplishment. When we went out to celebrate though, he wasn’t celebrating the hard work, long hours, loss of any semblance […]

Last year HelloBeautiful ran articles about untrue stereotypes of black men, as well as untrue stereotypes of black women. So what about misleading stereotypes of Americans generally? Do we really know what the rest of the world thinks about us? Talking to a friend from New Zealand recently who is just about to come to […]