1/11/17- Sybil Wilkes reports on Wednesday’s biggest news and entertainment headlines, including President Obama’s farewell address and much more. Listen below.

1/11/17- Tom, Sybil and Wednesdays co-host Bill Bellamy weigh in on the farewell address of President Obama and why Michelle Obama is the real MVP. Listen in to hear why Bill says she’s not the kind of girl you find in the club.

1/10/17- Sybil Wilkes reports on the latest in news and entertainment headlines, including the Orlando police officers killed, POTUS’ final address and more. Get caught up below.

1/10/17- Tom, Sybil and Tuesday’s co-host Lavell Crawford are trying to understand these new generation of kids. From childhood ailments and being an older parent, you’ve got to hear the TJMS crew weigh in below!  

  1/9/17- Get a recap of the biggest news and entertainment headlines with Tom Joyner Morning Show co-host Sybil Wilkes.

  1/9/17- Mondays belong to Arsenio Hall on the TJMS! Find out what the legendary comedian has to say about the Golden Globes and why he’s calling Meryl Streep, Martin Luther Streep.

1/6/17- Sybil Wilkes reports on the cold weekend forecast, the Gospel singer that was injured in a drunk driving accident and more. Listen above.

1/6/17- Lavell Crawford returns as weekly co-host of the TJMS and he’s preparing for a weekend full of football. Find out his NFL predictions and Tom weighs in on who he thinks will take home the W. Also find out why most of the country is freaking out on the threat of snow.

  1/5/17- It’s Friday eve or what we like to call Sherri Shepherd Thursday! Find out what really happened at Ricky Harris‘ funeral and find out why she made headlines. Listen above!


  1/4/17- Wednesdays on the TJMS now belong to comedian/actor Bill Bellamy! Missed the latest in the ongoing beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown? Bill breaks down all the details as only he can! Listen above!


  1/2/17- The all new TJMS is back! Find out how Tom, Sybil and comedian Damon Williams spent the last few days of 2016 and why anything was better than what Mariah Carey did on national television. Listen above.


  12/15/16- Would you go see Rodney Perry and Sherri Shepherd on tour? How about if they called it the Stroke and Divorce Tour? Find out the latest happenings in Sherri continuous battle with her ex husband and Rodney updates us on the status of his health after suffering a stroke.