The Jasmine Brand has reported that Keyshia Cole has been accused of refusing to pay taxes, which has resulted in multiple tax liens. Last month, Cole was hit with two state tax liens by the Georgia Department of Revenue. The first lien claims she failed to pay a total of $23,442.30 for 2013 and $11,180.85 in state taxes […]

Mary J. Blige was recently hit with another tax lien from the state of New Jersey. The state placed a new tax lien in the amount of $166,292.77 against her. Blige had a larger tax lien of $900,000 placed on her by the state of New Jersey in 2014 and she was able to pay it […]

The Jasmine Brand reports, Toni Braxton is no longer in debt. Toni Braxton no longer owes Uncle Sam. A $400,000 tax lien has been lifted from the singer and the IRS explained that the money she owed is being handled. They are also no longer looking to her property or assets to collect their debt. According to docs […]

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige owes Uncle Sam $3.4 million in taxes.  Find out why here.  

The state of Georgia has gotten in on the act … recently filing a tax lien of their own against Tucker for $592,594.82 for the year 2007. His total tax bill has now reached a total of $12,164,504.08. has the story.  Read More: